Company Profile
Company Profile

AKME GLOBAL is one of the few companies in the world offering design & construction of towers under one roof established in 2011 with an objective to satisfy customers with our products and services. We are also manufacturer and exporter of hot dip galvanized steels lattice towers and guyed masts and have specialized in complete range of light, medium & heavy duty self supporting angular, tubular & hybrid tower for rooftop and ground base applications.

We have designed, fabricated and installed tower height from 8 mtrs to 200 mtrs height. Our products are used for various ends like communication, microwave links, wireless, paging, cellular telephony, lightening, and wind energy. With our well experienced technical teams, we are able to provide a total turnkey solution in the area of telecom both in domestic and global markets.

AKME GLOBAL products range includes self supporting tower, guyed mast, monopole for telecommunication, microwave, television, radio, defense, windmill for security & other diverse applications.

Our towers are being exported to various countries such as Middle East, Africa, Arab countries, South Asian countries.

Our services include an initial project consulting & system design to implementation, installation and testing through maintenance & support.

AKME GLOBAL provides proven expertise & technological foresight upon which our long term partnership with the customers is built.

Company Address

Office address

AKME GLOBAL – S-1, MCF Complex Dayal Bagh, Surajkund, Faridabad-121009

Email – and
Phone no – +91 9810339356, +91 9971132411

Plant address

The manufacturing unit of AKME GLOBAL is located in prime industrial area in Major Asha Ram Tyagi Road, Modinagar, The facility consists of 20,000 sq yrd and equipped with all the modern tools & equipment for tower manufacture.


In Plant/Warehouse Facilities

AKME GLOBAL has in plant facilities for

  • Design – We use “state of art” and “Staad Pro” designing software for static and dynamic analysis of the tower models.
  • Modeling - We do modeling of our towers before actual production is taken up. This modeling helps us to carry out the detailing of the tower with a very high degree of accuracy.
  • We have a well equipped tool room to facilitate maintenance of our dies, tools etc.
  • We employ modern techniques of fabrication.

Advantages to the customer by In Warehouse facilities

  • A new design of tower with different geometry of different loads is developed in a quick time.
  • The detailing of the tower has a very high level of precision, which results in fast and easy erection.
  • Our production is never helped up due to the availability of any section. Our design team is always able to recommend an alternative for the unavailable section.

Other services

  • Apart from In plant facilities, we have long term arrangements with specialized consultants for
  • Soil investigations
  • Galvanization of fabricated tower materials.
  • Testing of materials as per applicable standards

We can organize the following tests in relation to tower

  • Strength of the materials
  • Thickness of zinc coating provided
  • Value of earth resistance.


We have erected self supporting towers in thousands all over the country and in foreign countries. The Picture on the left shows some of our towers from foreign countries.

Products & Services offered by AKME GLOBAL

  • Height of towers required at each end.
  • Line of sight surveys
  • Galvanizing of fabricated materials
  • Soil investigations
  • Foundation design
  • Construction of foundations
  • Erection and painting of towers.

Commitment to quality

  • Quality and customer satisfaction have been the driving factor for us. We design and fabricate the towers according to specified international standards. Our aim is to build towers, which match the best in World at the right cost to the customer.
  • We do galvanize the tower after complete fabrication, to ensure that all the holes are coated through and properly protected.
  • Sometimes, our buyers want us to get the approval of the design of the tower from an independent third party. Almost every time, the approval is granted without any changes.

AKME GLOBAL controls the quality of the towers at each stage of manufacturing.

  • Raw Materials stages – Inspection is done on arrival of raw material for visual defects such as slivers, blowholes, hairlines cracks etc. Before commencing fabrication various properties which are tested these include tensile strength, bending strength of steel. Chemical analysis is done to determine various micro components.
  • During Processing Stages – All the dimensions of various components are first tested by modeling. Random sampling of members is done to measure physical distance between holes and total length.
  • On Finishing Stages – AKME GLOBAL towers are hot dip galvanized after fabrication to ensure that there is no rust from starting points. In hot dip galvanizing, each section of the tower is totally immersed in molten zinc allowing every square mm of the tower, inside and out. Hot dip galvanizing protects all points of welding and construction against trust and corrosion.
  • Thickness of coating is routinely checked. All members are checked for erection codes marked on them, checking is done for punched, marking as well as permanent ink marking. No. of pieces/packing & members of packaging are checked with the packing list to ensure the completeness of material being dispatched.

Quality Standards

  • IS 2062 or ISO 630 or BS 4360 for Quality of steel
  • IS 800 / IS 800 for fabrication of towers
  • IS 875 for Wind loading on towers
  • IS 1461 for Zinc Coating
  • Permissible stress as per IS 802
  • ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Mgt system
  • IS: 2074
  • Nut bolts used are Grade 5.6/ 8.8
  • Dimension as per IS 6639 – 72
  • Physical Properties as per IS 1367

Tower Design Approval

Tower designs are generated by AKME GLOBAL engineers who have tons of experience in tower designing.
Also, third party approval by IIT/Govt. Departments of the tower design, foundation design can be provided, if required.

Benefits of Working with US

AKME GLOBAL's biggest strength lies in its ability to manufacture a new design on any tower without going through the process of making a prototype for that design, this means that a customer gets a very prominent delivery for any new design of the tower.