Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us

"Benefits of working with AKME GLOBAL"

We have been in the field of making communication towers since 2008. Our products are being used in diverse fields like cellular telephony, Micro-wave communication links Wireless, Paging, Lighting towers etc.

Very few companies can boast of work experience of designing & constructing more than 1000 towers for such diverse applications. Choosing us as your work partners will give you access to many advantages that we alone have developed over the years.


1. Delivery

AKME GLOBAL’s biggest strength lies in its ability to manufacture a new design of any tower without going through the process of first making a prototype for that design. This means that a customer gets a very fast delivery for any new design of tower. Alterations or variations in any existing design are accomplished very fast. AKME GLOBAL has in-house designing facility for towers & tower foundations.

To the customer, it means that the supplies will never be delayed due to

  • Non availability of any section of steel
  • Non availability of any size of bolts
  • Non availability of any grade of steel.

2. Accuracy

All detailing of tower members is done via computer modeling. This results in very accurate drawings. Which in turn means that there will be no cutting or drilling required at site during erection?

To the customer it means that the protective zinc coating does not get damaged due to cutting and drilling therefore no rust-starter points are created. This ensures longer life & enduring strength of tower.

Moreover, due to accurate fabrication, the geometry of the tower does not get distorted therefore final shape of towers remains very elegant.

3. Tailor/Adapted Made Tower

  • We have commissioned several tailor made towers, such as
  • Towers with 2 legs on roof top & two legs on ground.
  • Triangular towers on square bases.
  • Ultra Slim Towers made out of Solid Rods.
  • Platforms as big as 20 square Meters on tower top.
  • Towers with very small base width i.e. upto height/12.
  • Tower with rectangular bases of size matching exactly with the structural grid of building.

4. Materials Used

Our tower designs are based on strengths of Indian Steels. Certificate from a Govt. Approved Test laboratory certifying the strength of material is as specified in design, can also be provided with material supply. All materials are hot dip galvanized after fabrication. The length of all members is maintained less than 6 meters, so that transportation of material by truck or containers is not a problem.


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