Ordering Info

Information Required

1. Height of the tower

The cost of a tower varies exponentially with the height of the tower. 

That is- when the tower height is doubled, the cost of the tower is much more than 2 times. . 

AKME GLOBAL provides services of LOS survey to determine your exact requirement of tower height. 

Expenditure in survey is normally more than compensated by the tower height saved. 

2. Space available for installation of tower

In highly populated cities, the real estate is at a very high premium. The space available may be able to take a narrow base tower only. 

If high rise buildings exist adjacent to tower installation site, then foundation design will need special considerations.

3. Type of building available

If it is desired that the tower be installed on roof top, then complete details of building structure, i.e. 

spacing of columns, beam sizes, reinforcements, slab details height of each floor, etc. 

are required to ascertain, whether building is structurally suitable to take the load of the tower & the load generated due to wind on tower.

If tower is to be installed on ground, then information about the soil i.e. soil condition, water table height etc will be required.

4. Type of tower & facilities required

You may decide to buy a triangular tower or a square tower. 

You may need a circular or octagonal platform at top. 

If your antenna system has space diversity requirement, then that must be specified.

The tower is normally constructed from angles or pipes & plates with bolted construction. 

If welded or any other type of construction is required, then that should be specified.

Following facilities are optional, unless specifically asked by the buyer 

  • Ladder or step bolts 
  • Cable tray for supporting cables 
  • Safety Cage for the ladder 
  • Levels of platforms required 
  • Size of platform required at each level 
  • Finish of tower- hot dip galvanized with painting or without painting 
  • Aviation Obstruction Light 
  • Lightening Arrestor with copper conductor up to bottom of tower 

For typical specifications of above, visit the link--

5. Wind Speed, which the tower will be required to withstand

If you give us the location of the proposed tower, we will be able to provide the maximum likely wind speed in that area from the published data.

6. Loads on the tower

Following information is required 

  • Number of antennas 
  • Physical size of each antenna and the height at which it will be installed 
  • Antennas to be installed in future on this tower 
  • Equipment Load & other loads, which are likely to be put on tower

7. Permissible limits of twist & sway in tower in operational wind

The performance of a communication antenna in wind conditions depends on the twist and sway of the antenna, directivity of the antenna, and the spare capacity of signal strength in the system design.  Typically a value of 1 degree is acceptable. If lesser value is desired, then that should be specified.

8. Scope of Work, you want us to do

Kindly specify 

  • Whether foundations are to be done by us 
  • Whether erection, painting of tower is to be done by us 
  • Whether antennas are to be installed & commissioned by us.